Word Harmony

Word Harmony

If you are smart and you like fast word challenges, you will love this game
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Word harmony is an excellent word game, you will find an interesting interaction of moves in order to form words and make score points. This game allows you to choose different skill levels; tsunami level running against time, think level to random letters with out time, or relax level with out pressure or time.
The main objective is to place letters in order to form words, bigger words are better.
To play this game is very simple all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over your objective and press the left button to select a letter, move the letter to place it where you want thinking how to form big word, click on submit when your word is ready. Press p to pause and escape key to go to menu and exit game.
The game runs versus time and to reach new levels you must form a big word with all the letters in your screen. Two letters will be together always but you can switch the order of this two letters, interaction and moves are very good, they will capture your interest and will challenge your mind.

Birgilio Rivera
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